Master's Degree Program




The normal period of study for each program is as follows: 4 years for bachelor’s degree, 3 years for master’s degree, 3 years for doctor’s degrees.

A typical academic calendar in XATU shall be like this,

Sep. 2nd ,2019---Jan. 3rd, 2020

Week 1---Week 18, Lecture time, Autumn Semester

Jan. 6th---Jan. 17th, 2020

Week 19 & 20, Exam time, Autumn Semester

Jan. 20th---Feb. 22nd, 2020

Winter Vacation

Feb. 25th ---June 28th, 2020

Week1--Week 18, Lecture time, Spring Semester

July 1st ---July 12th, 2020

Week 19 & 20, Exam time, Spring Semester

July 15th ---Aug. 29th, 2020

Summer Vacation




Students are required to complete the curriculum between 3-4 years, to fulfill the designated degree courses, to complete the master’s thesis and to defend for it to a panel of experts. Graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the master’s degree.



a) Foreigners over 18 and in good health condition;

b) Language requirement: Chinese-taught program, applicants are expected to hold HSK 4 certificate or above, or the native speaker of Chinese; English-taught program, applicants are expected to pass IIELTS 5.5 or TOFEL 75 or the native speaker of English;

c) Academic performance: the average score is 70 or above in the latest education experience;

d) Age: bachelor: 23 or below; master: 30 or below; PhD: 35 or below.

e) Applicants beyond the age limits are not eligible for scholarships provided.



All programs require the following documents:

a) Xi’an Technological University International Students Application Form

b) Photocopy of the passport;

c) Criminal background check reportNote: Please make sure that this report is issued by local police station authorized by Chinese Embassy.

d) Physical examination reportNotePlease strictly follow all the items listed in the form and make sure the photo, seal and signature properly done by hospital; otherwise it will be not accepted; the report shall be recognized as valid when it is done within 6 recent months.

e) Economic Testimonial of annual income no less than 5000 USD

f) Attend the interview upon request

·Master/Doctor programs

g) Copy of bachelor/master degree ;

h) Official credit transcript in college

i)Study plan ( no less than 800 Chinese characters or English)

j) Published academic works (if any);

k) Two recommendation letters from professors;


NOTE: Please make sure all the documents provided are in Chinese or English.



Application system is open for the whole year and the registration date is September. The application result will arrive no later than July 15th.

Successful applicants shall be contacted further and receive the Admission Letter and JW202 Form, which will help for the visa application.

Potential students shall take X1 visa to enter China and begin the study here.



Xi’an Technological University provides very powerful and competitive scholarship for its potential and on-campus international students. The scholarship is meant to help its potential students to find the solution to study in China for those with ambitious academic goals and excellent academic performance and those willing to study in XATU but with financial difficulties.


At present three kinds of scholarships are available.

a) San-qin Government Scholarship


XATU Scholarship for Foreign Students

Master's degree program


b) Xi’an ‘One Belt One Road’ Scholarship


XATU Scholarship for Foreign Students

Master's degree program


c) XATU New-coming Scholarship is intended for new comers, who arrive on the first year. When new comer get registered, XATU New-coming Scholarship shall be awarded to him or her automatically of the corresponding kind.


XATU Outstanding Academic Scholarship is intended for on-campus students who will be evaluated on a academic year base. Rules about this scholarship could be found in School of International Education.


XATU New-coming Scholarship


XATU Scholarship for Foreign Students

Master's degree program

100% tuition, 100% accommodation fee for first year; stipend11000 CNY;




XATU Outstanding Academic Scholarship




Master's degree program


100% tuition and accommodation fee;

stipend11000 CNY;


100% tuition and accommodation fee ;

stipend10000 CNY;


100% tuition and accommodation fee ;

stipend8000 CNY;


100% tuition and accommodation fee ;






Registration fee(CNY)


Master's degree program


Liberal arts18000/yr

Science & Engineering19800/yr

Arts & Physical Education27000/yr


Medical Insurance


Fee (CNY)

6 months


12 months


Note: In accordance with the law, all international students are required to be covered by medical insurance during their stay in China which shall be done on academic year base.


Housing Expenses

Room type



A (Single Room)

400 CNY/m

Single bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, induction cooker, smoke extraction machine, self-contained bathroom with shower equipment, network interface.

B (Double Room)

300 CNY/m/person

C (4-beds room)

170 CNY/m/person

Note: All students are required to live on campus for the first year on arrival.




School of International Education

Address: 2 Xuefu zhonglu Road, Xi’an 710021, P.R.China.

Phone(fax): 0086-29-8617-3396


Boarding Route:

Xi’an Bei Railway Station to XATU: you may take the bus 329 from Xi’an Bei Railway Station to XATU (Weiyang Campus)

Xian Yang Airport to XATU: you may take a taxi from Xian Yang Airport to XATU (Weiyang Campus)


Appendix 1 :Master Degree programsTaught in English




Research Filed

光电学院 School of Optoelectronic Engineering

Optical Engineering

Thin Film and Plasma Technology

Modern Optical Manufacturing and Measurement technology

Micro-light and Infrared Imaging Technology

Modern Optoelectric Testing and Instrumentation

Instrument Science and Technology

Optoelectric Testing Technology and Instrument

Optical System and Optoelectric Instrument Design

Intelligent Instrument Design and Signal Processing

Modern Sensing and Measurement Technology

School of Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Digital Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Precision and Ultra-precision Machining Technology

Non-traditional Machining Technology

Special-type Robot Design and Control

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronic System Design and Control

Intelligent Sensor System

Computer Numerical Control Technology

Intelligent Vision Detection and Recognition Technology

Computer Aided Precision Measurement

Mechanical Design and Theory

Modern Design Theory and Methods

Theory and Technology of Fluid Lubrication

Mechanical Vibration and Fault Diagnosis

School of Materials and Chemical Engineering

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Materials science

Materials Processing Engineering

Nonferrous Alloy

Photo-electronic Functional Material

Light Alloy Composites

Materials for Power Station

Principle and Technology of Crystal Growth

Electronic Material

The Design, Synthesis and Devices of Organic Conjugated Polymers

High-entropy Alloy

Functional Hydrogel/Flexible Electronics

Carbon/Conducting Polymer Based Electrode Materials and Energy-storage Devices

Nanomaterials and Functional Devices

Light Alloy Precision Forming

Preparation and Composition Design of Iron-based Amorphous/Nanocrystals

Computational Materials

School of Elctronic Informatioin Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

Intelligence and Autonomous Control

Intelligent Information Processing and Retrieval

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Networked Measurement and Control Technology

Complex System and Complex Network Theory

Measurement and Control Sensor

Detection and Intelligent Instrument

Information Transmission Preprocessing

Intelligent Information Processing

Embedded System Control

Intelligent Sensor and Internet of Things

School of Economics and Management


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Intelligent Detection and Control

Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Information processing

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

School of Architectural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Design and Construction Technology

Structural Engineering

Structural System Optimization and Design



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