Materials and Chemical Engineering


School of Materials and Chemical Engineering

The School of Materials and Chemical Engineering (SMCE) of Xi'an Technological University was founded in 1979. It has 1 post-doctoral mobile station (Material Science and Engineering), 1 first-level discipline authorized to confer doctorate degrees (Material Science and Engineering), 3 second-level disciplines authorized to confer doctorate degrees (Material Processing Engineering, Material Physics and Chemistry, Materials Science), 1 first-level discipline authorized to confer master's degrees (Material Science and Engineering), 3 second-level disciplines authorized to confer master's degrees (Material Processing Engineering, Material Physics and Chemistry, Materials Science), 1 discipline authorized to confer professional master’s degrees (Material Engineering), and 5 undergraduate majors (Metal Materials Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering, Material Chemistry, Environmental Engineering). There are 1422 undergraduates and 243 graduate students in SMCE.



There are 114 faculty members in SMCE. 50% of full-time teachers have senior professional titles, and 66% of full-time teachers are PhD degrees holders. The school has 1 National Outstanding Teaching Team, 3 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Teams, with 20 professors. 3 teachers are entitled to special government allowances from the State Council. 2 teachers are recognized as “Outstanding Experts” and “Outstanding Workers in Shaanxi Province”. 2 teachers are in the “Three-five Talents” Project of Shaanxi Province. We also have 2 Outstanding National Teachers, 2 winners from Higher Education

Young Teachers Awards issued by the Ministry of Education and Excellent Teacher Subsidy Plan, 2 Famous Teachers in Shaanxi Province, 1 Outstanding Teacher in Shaanxi Province, 4 Shaanxi Science and Technology Stars, 1 teacher was selected for “Outstanding Young Talent Support Program in Shaanxi Province”

SMCE has 1 national-level scientific research platform, 2 provincial-level scientific research platforms, 3 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 14 teaching laboratories, and 1 innovation laboratory. The SMCE undertakes 1 national professional comprehensive reform pilot project, 2 provincial teaching reform research projects. SMCE has also built 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course and published 1 national planned textbook. 7 courses were approved as provincial quality resource sharing courses.

In the program of “Exploration and Practice of Target Education in the Process of College Students' Cultivation”, SMCE won the second prize of National Teaching Achievements in 2014 and the provincial special award for teaching achievements in 2015.

The main research areas cover high quality light alloy, solidification theory and solidification technology, relaxation ferroelectric crystal, high entropy alloy, metal amorphous, infrared glass, semiconductor crystal for detector, nano-functional material, new liquid crystal functional polymer, photoelectric energy conversion Polymers, biomedical polymers, and environmentally friendly materials, etc. Among them, the self-developed aluminum-based composite pistons have replaced the imported ones, and various types of pistons developed from this technology have been applied in the army, which were also displayed in the military parades of the 60th anniversary of the National Day and the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

In the past 5 years, SMCE has been in charge of 1 national 973 projects, 5 national 973 topics, 4 national defense 973 topics, 40 National Natural Science Funds, 13 national defense pre-research and model projects and nearly 300 other projects. SMCE has also won 1 second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 15 provincial and ministerial level and other science and technology awards. It has also authorized 30 invention patents, published more than 300 SCI papers, and in total, the research funding has reached 120 million (RMB) in SMCE.




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