2019 Summer Vacation Notice



Vacation: 19 July-31 August

Registration: 2 September-3 September

Attend class: From 4 September


Take care of your belongings and keep safe during holidays! 


1. Take good care of your personal valuables, such as computer, mobile phone, cash, passport, credit card, etc.

2.  Please do not lend the keys to others, or copy the keys from others privately. If the lock is damaged, you should inform the repair department in time.

3.  Please keep the dormitory clean and tidy, keep quiet when you go upstairs and downstairs; take good care of the facilities in the public areas, otherwise you should pay compensation for improper use.

4.  It is prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol, throw things out of the window and keep pets in the dormitory.

5.  Please do not hang, distribute or post all kinds of publicity materials without permission.

6.  Do not engage in illegal or criminal activities in the apartment.

7.  Do not remove or damage those fire-fighting systems intentionally; do not store or use dangerous, flammable, and explosive facilities, corrosive materials, etc. which may pose a serious security hazard.

8.  Missionary activities and religious gatherings are strictly prohibited in the dormitory.





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